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Savannah Arroyo, MSN, RN

Savannah Arroyo, CEO and Founder of Networth Nurse started her real estate investing career at the beginning of 2020 after having her second daughter.  Looking for additional income streams and alternative ways to build wealth, Savannah began educating herself about Real Estate Investing.  She has since purchased over $10M worth of real estate, partnering primarily with healthcare professionals to scale her portfolio.  Savannah is passionate about educating and supporting others to achieve their financial goals through real estate investing.  Very active on social media, Savannah openly shares her investing story with thousands of people - giving them an inside look into her life as a nurse, as a mother, and as a real estate investor.

Emma Geiser, BSN, RN

Emma Geiser created Nurse Fern to help bedside nurses find remote nursing jobs. Nurse Fern has helped countless nurses transition into non-bedside roles through daily job postings, educational blog posts, and products assisting nurses with their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Emma has a background in critical care and remote CDI nursing.

Meg Harrell, RN

Meg Harrell has been a nurse for 13 years. She uses her experience to revolutionize this next generation of nurses to be the most educated, supported, and skilled group of nurses. Meg Harrell is the CEO of, a healthcare-focused educational brand with an audience of healthcare workers ages 20-35 (mostly nurses & nursing students). Her aim is to connect with the nursing community through humor and learning how to thrive as a nurse. You can check her out on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

Emmanuel Jisrawi, BSN, RN, CEN, TCRN

Emmanuel Jisrawi has been an emergency room nurse since 2008 after receiving his Bachelor’s from the University of San Francisco. Since becoming a nurse he has always been interested in the best way healthcare and tech can merge for the benefit of healthcare personnel and patients. Emmanuel lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his wife and two children and enjoys specialty coffee, DIYing anything requiring power tools, outdoors, and travel.

Marion Leary, MSN, MPH, RN, FAHA

Marion Leary is the Director of Innovation at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing. As the Director of Innovation at Penn Nursing she works to amplify and educate nurses as leaders in health and healthcare innovation. Ms. Leary is a member of the American Nurses Association’s Innovation Advisory Committee and a Founding member of the Society of Nurse Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Leaders (SONSIEL). She is a host of the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing podcast, Amplify Nursing, and a contributor to the American Nurses Association’s official journal, the American Nurse as part of the My Nurse Influencer’s column. In May 2022, she was selected as one of the most powerful LGBTQIA+ people in Pennsylvania by City & State PA. In August 2019 she was named as an Influencer of Healthcare winner in the category of Excellence in Innovation by the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 2017, she was named Geek of the Year for her outstanding achievements in Philadelphia’s vibrant geek community in the areas of innovation, technology, and activism.

Diana Page, ACNP-BC

Diana is an outpatient neurology nurse practitioner, nurse/NP mentor, burnout expert, speaker, and content creator helping exhausted nursing professionals have optimal work-life balance through mentorship, education, empowerment, and community. She founded Selfcare Catalyst LLC in 2020 and has helped hundreds of nurses and NPs find fulfillment outside of work and clarity on their place in nursing through her signature program the Resilient Nurse Roadmap and virtual workshops. She is a social media leader on topics related to healthcare professional wellbeing and burnout prevention and is a believer that we are more than a nurse and that we deserve care too. Diana is a self-proclaimed boundaries queen, self-care strategist, and loves a good PTO day! As she says, "You aren’t meant to do life or nursing alone." Check her out on Instagram and TikTok.

Tara Rynders, MFA, BSN, BA, RN

Tara Rynders RN, MFA, BSN, BA, is the founder of The Clinic, an arts and play-based theater company that provides workshops and research around burnout and secondary traumatic stress. Rynders has a MFA in Dance and is an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist. She is honored to hold the 2022 EY Next Wave Leader, 2021 Oncology Nursing Foundation Lectureship, 2019 Colorado Regional Nightingale Luminary, and the 2019 NOAH Award for Arts in Resiliency. Rynders, recently named a wellness Fulbright Specialist in the Netherlands was published in the July 2022 issue of the AMA Journal of Ethics, Arts-Based Research in Health Care.

Sarah Wells, MSN, RN, CEN, CNL

Sarah K. Wells is committed to helping nurses and future nurses of all experience levels and specialties find joy and success in their nursing or nurse practitioner careers. She started New Thing Nurse, to offer services and tools to help make the job application and interview process less stressful and more rewarding. Looking for a new nurse or nurse practitioner job? New Thing Nurse can help!

Irnise F. Williams, Esq.

Irnise is a health law and compliance attorney at The Law Office of Irnise F. Williams, LLC. She is an experienced nurse and attorney, as well as a Change Management Expert, who uses the change management process to assess the goals of her clients who desire to build, operate and protect their businesses. She is passionate about protecting both patients and providers, channeled through providing comprehensive education on documentation, data privacy, and business development. As a graduate of Howard University and the Howard University School of Law, Irnise serves as an architect of social change for both the clients whom she serves in her private practice, as well as in her community. Irnise hopes to empower more people and organizations to embrace change and use it as a tool to become more effective and efficient in their everyday lives.

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