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What I Want Nurses to Know

Can a poem really consolidate all the emotions that go into being a nurse innovator? Our opinion is yes!

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Some of this may resonate, and some may not.
So take what you need, they’re simply my thoughts.

Dear nurses around the globe,

You’ve experienced so much; only heaven knows,

The tears you have cried, the things you have seen,

The universe knows you are so deserving,

of healing and light,

You, who have always put others first,

It is your turn to shine bright.

But first,

I want you to know,

You deserve an apology,

So to your heart from me:

I am so sorry.

I am so sorry if you’ve felt unprotected,

I am so sorry if, even for one moment, you felt neglected

I am so sorry your hearts are scarred,

Unfixable with pizza or cards,

You are worthy of an authentic apology.

Because no honorable person would have ever let that be.

So, I need you to listen,

No matter your role. No matter your title.

Don’t you, for one second, question your mission,

But to make things different and better,

Pain and destruction was required

It is the seed,

That catalyst for you to conspire

To create and innovate,

For only in the pain of destruction can creation be born.

You hold a profound magic,

The light, the stitches for what is torn,

You are the keeper of ideas yet to adorn,

Institutions and accelerators

Led by so many

Who are trying to understand our problems,

But yet fail to invite us to help solve them.

So invite yourself to their party,

Or host your own.

There are always chairs and tables.

I promise,

If you have an idea, you will not sit alone.

But it won’t be easy.

They will  if nurses are truly able,

To lead and achieve,

and by golly, indeed,

We can. You can.

You are so powerful.

Toss out that patriarchal nurse model,

Where the nurse takes orders, stays quiet, and diligently works about.

That can no longer be us.  

You can create an entirely new route,

Because you are anything but meek.

You are unique.

And gay, trans, black, or brown,

Refugee, or a first-generation American like me,

We can all wear the innovator crown.

So, dear nurse,

Put your idea into the universe,

You are the moon, surrounded by stars,

Never alone,

I know it’s a risk, but there’s a huge reward,

For being the light,

So just hold tight,

To your mission, your why,

Your north star.

Cast the fear aside,

and let our ideas collide,

So your magic can disperse

Because what the world needs most right now,

Is you- an innovative nurse.

Jasmine Bhatti, PhD, BSN, RN is the CEO of Navi Nurses.

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