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Using Flexibility, Innovation, and Digital Tech to Enhance Healthcare Staffing

A conversation with Nursa CEO and Founder, Curtis Anderson.

Innovation is the lifeblood of progress, propelling industries forward and transforming how we live and work. In healthcare, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a necessity, especially when addressing staffing challenges that have long plagued our industry. While at the ViVE conference, Team TNB sat down with Curtis Anderson, CEO and founder of Nursa, to discuss how Nursa stands at the forefront of this innovation, revolutionizing how nurses find work and for facilities to fill in staffing gaps.

At the helm of Nursa is Curtis Anderson, a visionary leader with a background in product and engineering. His journey into the healthcare staffing industry began with a realization: traditional staffing agencies were riddled with inefficiencies and challenges. Anderson saw an opportunity to disrupt the status quo and create a solution that prioritized flexibility and efficiency while empowering nurses.

Nursa’s Values

“Nurses get overlooked…and now we’re at tables, having conversations, and [nurses] are able to participate…this isn’t a scary monster under your bed,” acknowledges Anderson. This sentiment underscores the core motivation behind Nursa’s values: execution is everything, and relationships matter. Anderson adds that Nursa gives its nurses the recognition, support, and flexibility they deserve.

Leveraging Technology

Nursa operates as a digital intermediary, leveraging technology to connect nurses directly with facilities needing assistance. By bypassing the traditional agency model, Nursa streamlines the staffing process, facilitating faster and more efficient matches between nurses and facilities. Anderson’s vision for Nursa is clear: to empower nurses by giving them more control over their work schedules and providing transparency in the staffing process.

“Efficiency wins. When you push heavily for a traveler-based solution, you get people from far away who are nomadic…less than 1% of the nursing population in the country can be nomadic,” explains Anderson. Nursa’s emphasis on efficiency benefits nurses by offering them more local opportunities and addresses the geographic challenges inherent in traditional staffing models.

“There are ways that we need to continue to demonstrate digital products are beneficial to deepen…the experience of work for the nurse. And there are ways that the industry will continue to adopt and respond that we will normalize some of those digital steps forward.”

Flexibility & Collaboration

Flexibility lies at the heart of Nursa’s mission, allowing nurses to choose when and where they work. Per diem staffing, in particular, has emerged as a game-changer, allowing nurses to work short-term shifts without the commitment of long-term contracts. Anderson remarks, highlighting the importance of flexibility in accommodating nurses’ personal and professional needs.

Collaboration and community-building are key components of Nursa’s approach to innovation. Anderson stresses the importance of stakeholders, including companies, universities, and advocacy groups, working together to address the challenges of nurse recruitment and retention while promoting nursing innovation.

Flexibility lies at the heart of Nursa’s mission, allowing nurses to choose when and where they work.

Nursa represents a paradigm shift in healthcare staffing, embodying the spirit of innovation and empowerment. By embracing technology and fostering collaboration, Nursa aims to address the challenges of nurse recruitment and retention, ultimately improving patient care and the well-being of healthcare professionals. With Nursa leading the way, the future of healthcare staffing looks brighter than ever, ensuring a nurse at the bedside of every patient in need.

Hannah W. Berns, MHCI, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN, has been a nurse for over 12 years. She is the Chief Operating Officer of The Nursing Beat, a nurse-driven digital media company that publishes the only daily newsletter for nurses & allied healthcare professionals.

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