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Transforming Nurse Staffing and Shaping the Future of Healthcare

A Conversation with Nurse Executive, Larry Adams, RN, MSN, MBA

In a recent in-depth interview at the ViVE conference in Los Angeles, The Nursing Beat had the privilege to sit down with Larry Adams, the Executive Vice President of Growth and Chief Nurse Executive at ShiftMed. With a wealth of experience spanning over 26 years in the nursing community, Adams shared valuable insights into his journey from the bedside to executive leadership, the evolving landscape of nurse staffing, and the promising future of healthcare innovation.

A Career Journey Defined by Exploration

Adams began his illustrious career in the high-pressure acute care environment, specializing in ICU neurotrauma nursing. However, fueled by a sense of curiosity and a desire to explore new horizons, he ventured into travel nursing across different states. This journey broadened his perspective and honed his skills in adapting to diverse healthcare settings and challenges.

Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Nurse Staffing

Throughout his career trajectory, Adams witnessed firsthand the dynamic nature of nurse staffing. From the rigid structures of traditional healthcare settings to the emergence of innovative staffing solutions, he has been at the forefront of this transformation. At ShiftMed, Adams is pivotal in spearheading initiatives prioritizing nurses’ flexibility and empowerment.

Empowering Nurses Through Flexibility and Innovation

ShiftMed is revolutionizing the nurse staffing industry by placing a strong emphasis on schedule flexibility through innovation. Adams emphasized the importance of adapting to nurses’ evolving needs, allowing them to choose when and how they work. Adams states, “The future of nurse staffing lies in flexibility. We need to adapt to what nurses want and provide them opportunities to work on their terms.” With a vast network of over 450,000 clinicians on their platform, ShiftMed is expanding its reach across 43 states, catering to a diverse range of healthcare facilities.

Pioneering Initiatives for Nurse Empowerment

At the heart of ShiftMed’s mission lies the empowerment of nurses. Adams highlighted groundbreaking initiatives such as the Flex program, which offers internal replenishment labor, providing the benefits of travel nursing while maintaining employment with the facility. Additionally, ShiftMed’s partnership with Uber Health addresses transportation challenges faced by CNAs, ensuring reliable access to work and reducing call-ins.

ShiftMed is revolutionizing the nurse staffing industry by placing a strong emphasis on schedule flexibility through innovation.

Envisioning the Future of Nurse Staffing and Healthcare Innovation:

Looking ahead, Adams envisions a paradigm shift towards hospital-at-home models and the seamless integration of technology in home health. He stressed the importance of upskilling programs to support career advancement within the nursing profession. By forging strategic partnerships with organizations like Opus V, ShiftMed aims to foster future nurses’ growth and meet the healthcare industry’s evolving demands.

As healthcare evolves, nurse staffing emerges as a critical factor in ensuring quality patient care. Through innovation, flexibility, and a steadfast commitment to nurse empowerment, companies like ShiftMed are driving positive change in the industry. Larry Adams’s insights offer a glimpse into the path forward, where nurses are empowered to thrive in their careers while delivering exceptional care to those in need. On reflecting on his career from bedside to executive, Larry notes, “We have to invest in our profession. Nurses need to be at the table for every decision that is made that’s going to affect our profession,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Acknowledgment: We extend our gratitude to Larry Adams for sharing his expertise and insights, shedding light on the transformative impact of nurse staffing and healthcare innovation.

Tamara AL-Yassin, MBA, BSN, RN, PHN, CEN  has been a nurse for over 11 years. She is the Chief Executive Officer of The Nursing Beat, a nurse-driven digital media company that publishes the only daily newsletter for nurses & allied healthcare professionals.

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