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Three Steps to Starting an Aesthetic Laser Business With Astanza

Have you ever Googled something and ended up going down a rabbit hole you never expected?

Have you ever Googled something and ended up going down a rabbit hole you never expected?

That's how it started for Lexie Agostinone, a 13-year ICU nurse; she had a tattoo she wanted removed and accidentally found herself researching how to start her own laser tattoo removal business. She decided then that opening her own business would be her next career move.

Lexie's Google search proved that there was not a single tattoo removal business in her town or within reasonable driving distance while also confirming that a laser business could be a highly profitable side hustle. Moreso, it was even possible for a nurse to start a laser tattoo removal business. As a nurse who always wanted to do more with her degree and help more people in different ways than just being at the bedside, Lexie saw this as an opportunity to try something new in her career and fill a gap in her community.

Lexie decided to partner with her sister, Rena, an accomplished businesswoman. They purchased two Astanza lasers, became certified laser technicians, and opened their own business, Laser180, together.

What steps did they follow on their journey with Astanza?

Step #1: Become a Certified Laser Technician

Lexie began researching the field of laser tattoo removal and became fascinated by the science behind it. She learned about the different types of lasers used in the process and how they interact with the skin to break down the ink particles.

With her new knowledge, Lexie realized she needed to learn the technical skills required to become a certified laser tattoo technician, so she started researching laser certification courses and lasers to invest in. Astanza's name kept popping up again and again.

Because Laser180 purchased their lasers before getting their certification, their education experience differed slightly from Astanza's group course from New Look Laser College.

After Lexie and Rena purchased the lasers, they received in-person, personalized training sessions from Astanza's world-renowned biomedical engineers. After completing Astanza's comprehensive training, both became Certified Laser Specialists and Certified Laser Safety Officers.

Step #2: Invest in an Astanza Laser

Starting a business is never easy, and one of the biggest obstacles was the initial investment required to purchase the lasers and other necessary equipment. Investing in high-quality equipment and technology is essential for delivering safe and effective laser treatments. The right equipment will produce better results and enhance the overall client experience.

After careful consideration, she and Rena chose Astanza because of their reputation and the amazing customer service she personally experienced even before she and her sister were officially customers.

Astanza will help guide your purchase decision so you buy the best laser for your business. While Lexie was initially interested in laser tattoo removal, she and Rena ultimately decided they could help more people by purchasing a hair removal laser as well.

Both of Laser180's lasers were purchased from Astanza, and with Astanza's extensive support system, have provided safe and effective laser tattoo removal and laser hair removal treatments.

With the purchase of an Astanza laser, you'll receive the Astanza Experience, including:

  • The Business Builder System
    • A kick-off call with the award-winning Astanza Team
    • Desired digital platform setup and management
    • Digital advertising campaigns and marketing materials for your office specific to the device you purchased
    • Search-engine-optimized content for your website specific to the device you purchased
  • 3-Business Day Service Guarantee on all Astanza lasers
  • The most comprehensive warranty in the industry for all Astanza lasers
  • Lifetime training in the aesthetic laser industry

Step #3: Open the Doors to Your New Business

After purchasing the lasers and completing the certification program, Astanza assisted Lexie and Rena in obtaining the necessary permits and licenses to operate their business in their home state of Pennsylvania.

Laser180’s primary focus right now is client acquisition, which Lexie says is an ongoing process for their business. Along with providing the best technology and training, Astanza has also helped them with their website, social media marketing efforts, and also created business cards for them.

Lexie and Rena have recently partnered with other aesthetic providers, like a local botox injector, to host medical spa events in their clinic, which she explains has been a really fun way to get new clients in the process.

Lexie explains, “Starting your own business is not without its challenges. It requires a leap of faith and a good support system.”

She further explains the reason why she and Rena decided to invest in Astanza was the incredible customer service and support they personally receive even to this day, over a year after officially opening the doors to their aesthetic laser business.

In the Business of Changing Lives

Laser180 has had the opportunity to help people feel more confident in their own skin, and Lexie and Rena have seen the impact of their work firsthand. While there were certainly obstacles along the way, the satisfaction of helping their clients feel their best made it all worthwhile.

By recognizing a gap in their community and pursuing their passion for helping others, Lexie and Rena have created a successful business and are making a real difference in people's lives with every treatment.

You can do the same by becoming a certified laser technician and opening the doors to a new business.

This article is sponsored by Astanza.

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