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Stocking Stuffers Nurses Need

Just get it for us already.

Your holiday may be filled with chief complaints of coughing, sneezing, and a plethora of illnesses, so here’s our list of stocking stuffers that won’t get any complaints from the nurses who receive them!

  • Titrate to Relaxation Candle: This candle will add laughter and light to your holiday nights. 
  • Baggu: You can’t feel the holiday blues when you unfold this western-inspired bag to carry all your gifts! There’s also a fanny pack to hold your holiday arts and crafts!
  • Sheer Gloves: Take a break from those purple exam gloves and renew your love for stylish ones. They’re great for that work holiday party!
  • Night Cream: Restoration is key; with this cream, you can wake up inspired and restored.
  • Electric Lighter: This handy tool doesn’t prevent burnout, but it can avoid a burn as you light a candle vertically. It’s rechargeable too!
  • Coffee Break Games: Don’t forget to share the gift of creativity! Haikubes gives you a break from charting on a screen, allowing your poetic nurse to run free. 
  • Bookmarks: This embroidered detail is sure to be a hit and allows more space in your stocking for more gifts!
  • Hair Clips: Add these creative clips to keep your hair out of winter despair. 
  • Portable Heater: Give the gift of warmth to those who do their charting at night!
  • Magic 8 Ball: When you’re so tired and can’t decide, let the Magic 8 Ball decide for you. This sticker is perfectly snarky and sounds 100% accurate.
  • Apron: An apron in your stocking can give great holiday decor inspiration. 
  • Personalized Ornaments: It’s nice to have a memory to display every year. Take the time to add this, and you’ll surely get happy tears. 
  • Scarves: A fashionably great way to keep your carotids warm.
  • Gift Cards: Always a winner, and with a Figs gift card, you have the assurance of perfect size and fit.
  • Rolex Watch: If you’re feeling extravagant this holiday season, here’s a stocking stuffer you’ll never forget. Add this science-inspired watch made for that healthcare worker in MRI. The giver of this gift will surely have to work overtime. 

If you don’t have time to stuff your stockings this season, do not fear. I’ll keep dispensing more fashion solutions early next year!

Happy holidays!

Nurse Juli

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