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Spruce Up Your Holiday Feast This Thanksgiving

We’ve scoured the web to find twists on classic sides, fun desserts, and some truly satisfying salads to consider working into this year’s menu. Pick the one that sounds most scrumptious to try out.

We’ve scoured the web to find a wide range of ideas for twists on classic sides, fun desserts, and some truly satisfying salads to consider working into this year’s menu. Pick the one that sounds most scrumptious from below to try out.

New Twists on the Classics

What’s a Thanksgiving dinner without cranberry sauce? That doesn’t mean it needs to be a gelatinous blob from a can that has graced tables for countless years. Add an orange twist with this cranberry orange relish recipe from Eat This, Not That, or if you’re a bit more daring, try really spicing up that relish with some jalapeño pepper in this cranberry chutney recipe from the Modern Proper.  

Just because you have vegetarians at the table doesn’t mean you can’t dig into a classic. Instead of a meat-filled shepherd’s pie, consider this vegetarian shepherd’s pie recipe from Pinch of Yum. If you have vegans visiting, check out this recipe for one-hour vegan pot pies from the Minimalist Baker.

Most tables will feature some kind of sweet potato dish, but you’ve probably never seen sweet potatoes like these! Instead of mashing or candying them, try stacking them and making them a pre-dinner appetizer. Try this recipe for roasted sweet potato stacks from RecipeTinEats!

You can please the bacon lovers at your table with this recipe for brown sugar bacon roasted sweet potatoes from Tinsel Box. If you just have to have those sweet potatoes mashed, consider adding a suite of pumpkin pie spices like this recipe for maple brown butter mashed sweet potatoes from BudgetBytes.

Do you need a simple, easy, healthy, and not to mention fast vegetable recipe? Check out Modern Proper’s recipe for three ingredient glazed carrots that will surely please.

Bring On the Salads

Salads might not be the main feature at your Thanksgiving table, but those who have already stuffed themselves with appetizers or are watching their waistline will appreciate having a few lighter options available.

For something easy to prepare ahead without any wilting, consider this celery pear and hazelnut salad recipe from Modern Proper.

Those who enjoy a bit more heft and protein with their salads will love this bacon brussels sprout salad recipe from Pinch of Yum. It’s hearty without feeling heavy.

There are dozens of ways to incorporate fall’s favorite fruit into your holiday meal, but apples don’t need to be reserved for dessert. Consider tossing them with lemon and a grain like this autumn glow salad with lemon dressing recipe from Pinch of Yum.

Guests who just want a bit of salad don’t have to miss out on the sweet potatoes if you offer this roasted sweet potato, wild rice, and arugula salad recipe, also from Pinch of Yum.

Sometimes a salad can truly be an explosion of different flavors with sweetness, tartness, and a little bitterness all at once. This roasted beet salad with chèvre green goddess dressing recipe from Modern Proper does just that. This one requires a bit more prep than the others, but it also has a payoff.

Desserts To Devour

Half-Baked Harvest’s recipe for cranberry brie pastry tarts are great not only because they mix the tartness of cranberries with the creamy goodness of soft French cheese, but also because they can be bite-size. That makes them ideal for treats well before dinner, a sensible portion option, or for those making room for other desserts.

Pumpkin, meet chocolate. Although it’s almost a sure thing that pumpkin pie is likely to grace most tables, you can mix up the pumpkin offerings at your table with Eat This, Not That’s recipe for fudgy pumpkin brownie bites.

Speaking of pumpkin, have you considered some homemade pumpkin ice cream for vegans? It has no animal products in it and vegans will love this easy-to-make recipe for vegan pumpkin pie ice cream from Minimalist Baker. They also offer a recipe for a great vegan pumpkin roll that’s also gluten-free!

Okay, we’ve already given you two pumpkin delights, but we can’t help it! Pumpkin never gets this much love any time of the year, so you might as well make it count. Instead of a pumpkin pie this year, switch up your dessert offering with individual servings of pumpkin cheesecake! Love From the Oven offers a great recipe for mini pumpkin cheesecakes with gingersnap crusts.

For those of you who can’t get enough pumpkin, we’ve got one more treat to offer! Check out RecipeTinEats’ recipe for pumpkin pie bars!

Maybe you decided on a lot of store-bought desserts this year (everyone is exhausted and it just makes sense to make life a little easier), but you still want to make something yourself. What better than a dessert that requires just two ingredients? This recipe from Minimalist Baker only needs dark chocolate and coconut milk to create these dark chocolate truffles.

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