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Nurses Take Center Stage: A Look at ViVE's Embrace of the Nursing Community

Why ViVE conference's embrace of nurses is a game-changer for the future of healthcare technology.

Caption: President of HLTH, Rich Scarfo, introducing the Nurses @ ViVE program on the center stage at the ViVE conference. Photo by Hannah Berns.

For years, the ViVE conference has been a premier event for digital health decision-makers, bringing together executives, investors, and healthcare leaders to discuss the future of healthcare technology. In 2024, ViVE took a significant step forward by recognizing nurses’ critical role in this conversation and The Nursing Beat (TNB) was invited to attend the ViVE conference as an official media partner. There, The Nursing Beat delved into the “Nurses @ ViVE” initiative and why this shift is essential for the future of healthcare.

ViVE: Where Business and Healthcare Innovation Collide

ViVE stands as the leading curated event for digital health decision-makers. It merges the expertise of CHIME, a healthcare IT leadership organization, with the marketplace of HLTH, creating a powerful platform for exploring the business of healthcare transformation. Here, attendees from across the healthcare spectrum – hospital systems, payers, government agencies, and patient advocates – come together to discuss industry innovation and drive business results.

Why Nurses Matter at ViVE

Traditionally, conferences like ViVE haven’t always included nurses’ voices at the forefront. Recognizing this gap, ViVE 2024 saw the much-needed launch of Nurses @ ViVE, acknowledging the critical contributions nurses make in driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of healthcare delivery. As the end users of this technology, nurses have a unique perspective on its strengths and weaknesses, and their involvement is essential for ensuring that new technologies are user-friendly, efficient, and effective in improving patient care.

“Our goal is to continue increasing accessibility and improving outcomes for all in the healthcare community,” stated Rich Scarfo, President at HLTH. He acknowledged the nursing community’s concerns about limited involvement in past events and emphasized ViVE’s commitment to change. “[Nurses @ ViVE] is just the beginning,” he added.

Nurses Leading the Charge: Scholarship Program and Participation

The commitment to nurses wasn’t just rhetoric. A total of 177 nurses registered for the conference, with 96 nurse leaders in attendance holding titles like Chief Nursing Officer and Director of Nursing. This impressive turnout reflects the growing interest among nurses in shaping the future of digital health.

Further solidifying their commitment, ViVE offered 25 nurse scholarships. Christine Boerman, Data Manager for Cardiology at the University of Rochester Medical Center, was one of the scholarship recipients. “Nursing innovation is the subject of my doctoral work,” she shared, “so I knew ViVE would be a great place to network and learn from others…I was able to ask leaders in the innovation arena questions directly and book time to connect with so many diverse groups of nurses.” Boerman and Ani Shirvanian, a neurosurgery nurse at Cedars-Sinai and a family nurse practitioner candidate at the University of Michigan, highlighted the value of the Nurses @ ViVE program.

“[ViVE] serves as an essential forum for nurses to actively engage in the development of health technology…ViVE stands as a pivotal conference that fosters networking with digital health companies, creating a unique environment where clinicians are not just present but are welcomed as integral participants,” she stated.

What Nurses Can Expect at ViVE

Beyond scholarships, ViVE offered dedicated Nurses @ ViVE programming with insightful panels featuring nurse speakers. These sessions explored topics like ensuring continuity of care, embracing technological advancements, and fostering nurse-led innovation. A dedicated “Nursing Innovation Central” showcased 24 nurse-led companies, creating a vibrant space for collaboration and networking.

“We want to make ViVE and HLTH a home for the nursing community. Nurses are the heart of healthcare delivery and must be integral to discussions on care delivery, patient engagement, innovation, and technology design and implementation.”

A Vision for the Future: Why Nurse Inclusion Matters

Including nurses at ViVE represents a significant step forward for the healthcare technology industry. Nurses are the backbone of patient care, and our insights are crucial in developing and implementing new technologies. As Shirvanian emphasized, nurses’ hands-on experience positions them uniquely to contribute valuable perspectives.

By fostering a space for nurse participation, ViVE is not just creating a more inclusive environment but also ensuring that the development of healthcare technology remains patient-centered. As ViVE moves forward, continued engagement with the nursing community will be essential in building a future where technology complements and enhances nurses’ vital role in healthcare delivery. Developers can create technologies that better suit caregivers’ daily workflows and needs by including nurses from the ground floor, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

The Nursing Beat believes ViVE’s commitment to nurses is a positive development for the entire healthcare industry. We encourage nurses to consider attending future ViVE conferences and actively participate in shaping the future of healthcare technology.

Amy Eckenroth, VP of Strategic Partnerships at HLTH, adds, “We want to make ViVE and HLTH a home for the nursing community. Nurses are the heart of healthcare delivery and must be integral to discussions on care delivery, patient engagement, innovation, and technology design and implementation.” TNB couldn’t agree more.

Hannah W. Berns, MHCI, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN, has been a nurse for over 12 years. She is the Chief Operating Officer of The Nursing Beat, a nurse-driven digital media company that publishes the only daily newsletter for nurses & allied healthcare professionals.

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