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New Year = New Gear

You don’t have to be a relief nurse to relieve your closet of past shift fashion. Here’s what you need to wear and what you should debride for 2023.

  • Ditch your old scarves and get a bright, solid color piece to get you through the remaining winter months! You can even pair one to match with some solid color clogs. Wearing both will balance your work outfit.
  • Lose your large duffle bags and find a mini crossbody like this leaf color Telfar bag. These are hard to find and are almost sold out everywhere, so buy any color you can find in this perfect size! These accessories are for everyone, so there is no need to overthink; just buy!
  • If you broke all your champagne glasses on New Year’s Eve, it’s time to toss that shattered past and order these groovy and ready-for 2023 flower-shaped glasses! The green color makes them perfect for your upcoming St. Patrick’s Day party and will wow any crowd. Set these out in spring, and they’ll make you feel like you’re hosting a botanical art and cocktail night!
  • Are your scrubs not fitting right, or have they become too tight? It’s time to transfer them out of your closet. Float over to the new Rafaela Cargo Scrub Jumpsuit for a quick way to help you refine your style and clock in on time.
  • Finding it hard to part with your old wardrobe? Let’s continue monitoring it, but add some glam and glitter! A sparkling stethoscope could be what you need. If you’re not feeling shiny and new, that’s okay! can help you customize a design in many other ways. 

We hope you find fun and excitement in 2023!

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