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Last Minute Thanksgiving Recipes

With Thanks/Friendsgiving right around the corner, we’ve scoured the internet to bring you some of the tastiest finds​ to add to your tables or unit potlucks!

We’ve scoured the web to bring you some of the best and tastiest recipes for your upcoming holiday dinners! There are plenty of time-saving options to make prep a breeze for those who have limited time for the culinary arts.

Chocolate Truffles You Have to Make 

Want to experience what true magic tastes like? Try making these chocolate truffles! If you’re short on time or ingredients, check out these super easy, quick truffles! With three ingredients, they’ll be sure to please everyone on your floor at the holiday potluck!

Move Over Pumpkin Pie! We’re Making a Turkey Cake Instead!

Whether you decide to use a boxed cake mix (like us) or go all out and make the cake from scratch, this adorable turkey cake will be the talk of your table or potluck! You can even try making it with an almond flour cake mix for those with gluten sensitivities. So how are the feathers made? By brushing white chocolate onto parchment paper, chilling them, and then adding them to the cake! 

May Your Cup Runneth Over…With Dessert!

If you’re running out of time or have no time to bake, check out these recipes for easy no-bake dessert cups! Lucky for you, this video has four options for you to choose from to fit the palettes of almost anyone!

KitKat Fudge Slices? Say No More!

Who doesn’t love a dessert that has only three ingredients, looks indulgent, and is ready in under 25 minutes? Plus, it’s full of KitKat candies! You can thank us later for this one!

More KitKat Goodness? Go On…

Here’s an even easier dessert that looks gourmet but is made in under five minutes. The best part? All the KitKats! This video will have you drooling in no time! Our last recommendation for that crispy, chocolatey goodness is a KitKat cheesecake that has gone viral! It also has a no-bake version, in case you need it. 

Aesthetically Pleasing Side Dishes?

This five-minute pistachio salad recipe is the easiest side dish to throw together. It’s light, fluffy, and perfect for when you need a little color on the table. You can get a printable recipe or watch a fun video of it. How about butter garlic potatoes if the salad is a no-go at your table or potluck? We don’t know anyone who will turn down a savory potato dish. 

If you need a few more options, check out this list of other side dishes that can get your inspiration going!

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