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Gratitude with a Fashionable Attitude

Finding positivity in daily tasks will help you get through the big challenges in life.

It’s time for some gratitude with a fashionable attitude! Finding positivity in daily tasks will help you get through the big challenges in life. Check out Nurse Juli’s top picks to elicit joy and celebrate every day! There are many ways to practice a mindset of gratitude. Here are some beautiful items to show your appreciation. 

  • Bouquets of flowers: It’s okay to buy flowers from the hospital gift shop, but finding flowers in your community and purchasing these weekly will bring beauty to your daily life. Placing flowers on your dining room table, desk, or nightstand is pure magic. Flowers are a way to share the gift of gratitude for your home and loved ones. Check out Psalter Farm Flowers. These flowers are grown and curated to perfection by a former nurse and now a full-time flower farmer.
  • Gratitude tree: This might sound cheesy to some of us, but I’m telling you, it works. The fun and joy it brings when people write and read what others are thankful for is infectious (the good type). This tree is not only cute but can also serve as Thanksgiving decor! Add these tags to the limbs if you have a work tree to add nursing flair!
  • Cheese board: Speaking of cheesy, do you have a cheese board for the holidays? This style displays the best use of space. You can also use it as a butter board if your LDL-C is normal. If it is, make sure to be grateful for that!
  • Gratitude planner and phone charger: We have to plan and recharge every day. ban.dō nailed the art of expressing joy by brightening our daily products with flair. Write what you’re grateful for every week, and remember that gratitude equals a positive attitude when you charge your phone. 
  • Quiet blender: Here’s a thoughtful gift for our night shift nurses. You won’t wake up the neighbors with this stylish appliance. This blender, known for its speedy and surprisingly quieter blending abilities, will inspire you to make smoothies at all hours of the night. Its sleek design takes up little counter space too!
  • Personalized coffee mug: My daily coffee (aka cafecito) is always on my gratitude list.Customize a mug with your neighborhood, sports team, or hobby. It’s a great way to support local/regional artisans. Choose a design, such as this nurse mug, to help your coworkers remember to be grateful as well. 
  • Turkey earrings: Last but not least, wear these earrings for Thanksgiving, and you’ll be grateful for the compliments you receive for your festive and whimsical style!
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