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From Nurse to Laser Tattoo Removal Expert: An Interview with Julie Zweifel

Astanza’s sole purpose is to change lives — from employee to provider to patient — and is dedicated to helping you master the safe and effective use of laser technology.

“I just felt like I was called to do something more, and I knew I wanted to help people start over,” explains Julie Zweifel of Laser Fresh Aesthetics.

After serving in the US Coast Guard, working as a case manager at a mental health rehabilitation facility, and managing her family’s day-to-day as a stay-at-home mom, Julie was no stranger to starting over as nursing was her fourth career. Adding “laser tattoo removal technician” and “business owner” to her resume seemed like a natural evolution of her nursing career when the opportunity presented itself.

Julie’s nursing career started in medical-surgical. She explains being there was simultaneously the best and worst experience of her career so far, but she was grateful for having the opportunity to learn foundational skills quickly. 

After two years, Julie moved to the operating room, where she fell in love with nursing again. Julie explains that the only downside to the OR was the inability to build a real relationship with the patient. She wanted something more than performing pre-op interviews, but not knowing where to start, Julie remained optimistic, making the most of her time with her patients and their families during their pre-and post-op care.

A conversation with a nursing colleague whose friend had gotten a gang-related tattoo removed altered the trajectory of Julie’s career as a nurse. It led her to Astanza’s New Look Laser College, where she expanded her nursing skills, learned the fundamentals of laser tattoo removal, and opened her own business

The ever-rising popularity of tattoos coincides with the demand for safe and effective tattoo removal services. In 2022, the tattoo removal industry was valued at nearly $300 million and is expected to grow to over $700 million in the next ten years. So, as the demand for safe and effective tattoo removal services continues to grow, there is a need for skilled professionals to enter the industry.

Astanza entered the laser tattoo removal market in 2007, providing industry-leading innovative laser tattoo removal education and technology. Astanza’s sole purpose is to change lives — from employee to provider to patient — and is dedicated to helping you master the safe and effective use of laser technology.

Why Choose Astanza’s New Look Laser College?

Julie explained that Astanza has supported her throughout her journey, from becoming a certified laser tattoo removal technician to the purchase of her first laser to researching the laws regarding the use of a medical director in her home state to opening her own business. 

One month after completing her laser tattoo removal training and receiving her certifications, she purchased The Astanza Trinity laser and opened her own business to help people find their new skin.

Everyone who purchases a laser from Astanza receives the Astanza Experience, an all-encompassing support system including a 3-Business Day Service Guarantee, Lifetime Training and Clinical Support, and a Business Builder System. You receive a whole team of Astanza employees dedicated to ensuring your long-term success by providing clinical consultations, in-person training for your staff, marketing support, and technical assistance.

“I honestly had never really thought about starting my own business, but Astanza helped me build the confidence I needed to do it and has supported me throughout the whole process,” Julie explains. 

Astanza’s team focuses on your success, provides hands-on experience with laser equipment and volunteer clients on day one of training, and empowers providers to assess patient skin, determine precise laser settings, and deliver exceptional treatments. You will train alongside Astanza’s biomedical engineers and clinical training staff to gain valuable experience.

While your nursing experience provides you with the general underlying knowledge to be successful as a certified laser tattoo removal technician, Astanza’s in-depth training program at New Look Laser College teaches you all about the intricacies of laser tattoo removal, including:

  • How to assess the patient’s skin type 
  • How to evaluate the tattoo’s characteristics and ink used
  • The physics behind the wavelengths of light used in the laser
  • Why specific wavelengths are useful for certain types of tattoos
  • How to determine the most suitable laser treatment plan for your patient
  • The risks and side effects
  • Laser safety and best practices to protect yourself and your patient
  • Different business models to start your own practice
  • Start-up costs, profitability, and effective marketing
I just felt like I was called to do something more, and I knew I wanted to help people start over. 

How To Use Your Laser Tattoo Removal Certification

You're unlocking many career opportunities as a nurse-turned-certified laser tattoo removal technician and can use your certification in: 

  • Medical spas
  • Aesthetic clinics
  • Dermatology clinics
  • Plastic surgery centers
  • Corrections facilities
  • Tattoo parlors 

Your nursing experience provides you with the foundational skills you need to succeed as a laser tattoo removal business owner, and you'll learn the skills you don’t have along the way with Astanza’s help. Astanza will teach you profitable business models, pricing models, marketing, advertising, and how to tailor your services to meet the specific needs of your patients.

Julie explained she never thought she could start a business and work for herself as a nurse. However, now she is providing life-changing tattoo removal treatment at her clinic, Laser Fresh Aesthetics

She has seen firsthand the impact tattoo removal has on individuals and hopes to continue changing people’s lives this way. She is even in the process of securing government funds for her clinic to provide free laser tattoo removal for incarcerated and previously incarcerated individuals and people with gang-related and human trafficking tattoos. 

Expand Your Skills and Still Make a Difference

Becoming a certified laser tattoo removal technician is a fantastic way for nurses to expand their skill sets, explore new career opportunities, and make a positive difference in the communities they’re passionate about.

Astanza’s New Look Laser College provides comprehensive training and certifications that equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful laser tattoo removal technician.

Astanza changed Julie’s life and has allowed her to change her patients’ lives as well. Are you ready to expand your nursing skills and explore new professional opportunities? Becoming a laser tattoo removal technician (and expert) might be the perfect next step for you, and Astanza will walk with you every step of the way.

This article is sponsored by Astanza.

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