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A Review of The New Cherokee Scrub Line by a Nurse Practitioner

I would recommend Cherokee scrubs for anyone, whether you’re an RN, LVN, CNA, or NP! Not only will you look and feel good, but you will have quality scrubs that are fashionable and functional!

I have been a fan of Cherokee Medical Uniforms for several years, but their new line of scrubs has quickly become my favorite! 

The Sizing 

I am about 5’8” with a medium-sized frame, so I ordered a medium scrub top, jacket, and pants, which fit me perfectly and in all the right places. 

The Fabric

The fabric is extremely soft, breathable, comfortable, and antimicrobial, eliminating bacteria that cause odor and fabric degradation. This is a major benefit since I work in a school-based clinic, and I will likely encounter various bugs floating around the school.

The fabric bent and stretched with all my movements, was not too thick or too thin, and kept me cool during those hectic moments in the clinic. As nurses, our field is challenging to work in, and we know that wearing scrubs with soft, comfortable material is an absolute must. Gone are the days of wearing scrubs with rough material! The fabric also allows most fluids to bounce off the material. (I noticed this when I accidentally spilled some coffee on my scrubs; it did not absorb into the fabric!) 

The Top

The modern V-neck style of the scrub top was not too low or too high, and I loved how flattering it was to my figure, even when it was tucked into my pants. (I am tall and slender, so it is sometimes difficult to find scrubs that fit my body proportions well.) It was easy to put on and gave me enough room to move and breathe in the chest and waist. It was also long enough to cover the bottom of my abdomen and lower back.

The Pants

Jogger-style pants are in style and give such a sporty look. The medium-size jogger pants fit me perfectly, and I didn’t have to worry about them dragging on the floor. (Plus, I could show off my cute sneakers!) Their drawstring waist was also flattering to my figure and didn’t sag with any movements throughout the day. The tapering of the jogger pants stopped at the ankle, and they were not too tight around my calves. There were multiple pockets to put supplies in, which is a plus because I always like to have small supplies on hand in case I need them. 

The Jacket 

Since I get cold easily, the scrub jacket was perfect for keeping me warm but not hot. It had a modern style, which I loved, and is ideal for spring and summer weather. The jacket’s arm length was long enough to cover the entire length of my arms. (I’ve had many scrub jackets in the past that were too short in the arms.) I could pull my sleeves up without them sliding back down when I needed to wash my hands. There were also several pockets and compartments for me to put nursing supplies and pens. Nurses love compartments! 

The Verdict

The scrubs kept their shape and size after washing, were wrinkle-resistant, and had excellent stitching quality. Even though I just started wearing these scrubs, I know the material will withstand the wear and tear of frequent washes. 

Cherokee’s scrubs are sleek, very fashionable, and affordable. They’re also size inclusive with sizes that range from XXS to 5XL. There are an array of color options to choose from too. I felt stylish and attractive while wearing the new line of Cherokee scrubs, and whenever I look good, I feel good! I will never go back to wearing boxy scrubs with no shape!

I would recommend Cherokee scrubs for anyone, whether you’re an RN, LVN, CNA, or NP! Not only will you look and feel good, but you will have quality scrubs that are fashionable and functional! 

Cherokee Medical Uniforms are available at medical apparel stores nationwide or you can shop online here!

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