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A Nurse’s Journey Studying with Kaplan

Kaplan has been part of everyone’s nursing journey in one way or another. Its strategy behind its study course design makes it the most reliable study aid for nursing and FNP students.

About 80% of nursing students in the United States pass the NCLEX on their first try. 

While it’s a promising figure, being on the other side of that statistic isn’t anyone’s ideal way to launch their nursing career. After years of agonizing over getting into nursing school, waking up early for clinicals, and staying up late to write care plans, studying for tests, and writing essays, having your board exam stand between you and your dreams would be a nightmare. 

Studying with Kaplan, those statistics shift more in your favor with a 97% pass rate and a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass your NCLEX or FNP exam on your first try.

Here’s how:

Why Study Using Kaplan? 

Kaplan has been part of everyone’s nursing journey in one way or another. Its strategy behind its study course design makes it the most reliable study aid for nursing and FNP students. 

Kaplan Methodology

Kaplan’s methodology has three core tenants:

  • Exam research
  • Microlearning theory
  • Best practices in curriculum design

Exam Research

Dr. Christi Doherty, DNP, RNC-OB, CNE, CHSE, CDP, and the Executive Director of Nursing Innovation & Graduate Programs at Kaplan North America, shares how this research is done. “Our research-based methodology involves studying past exam questions and trends, understanding the required knowledge base, and identifying the areas where test-takers struggle the most.” 

Doherty adds that the research fosters an environment that closely mimics the actual test scenario. That way, Kaplan users will feel well-prepared for exam day. 

Microlearning Theory

Kaplan employs microlearning theory, Doherty says. Microlearning is a method that reinforces learning by delivering content in small, manageable units and providing short-term learning activities. 

Benefits of microlearning include:

  • Being scientifically proven to enhance understanding and long-term retention of information
  • Breaking up information-rich subjects like nursing into more manageable chunks
  • Working at your own pace, ensuring your understanding before moving on

With traditional study methods, students may experience cognitive overload, where the working memory cannot handle the amount of information. With microlearning, students can manage large bodies of information more effectively.

Best Practices in Curriculum Design

Kaplan is dedicated to curriculum best practices. 

“The design of the nursing test prep materials follows a systematic approach, including the foundational concepts and advancing to the more complex issues and challenging aspects of nursing practice,” Doherty explains. 

This includes:

  • Learning that is progressive and layered, reinforcing comprehension
  • Multimedia tools, like videos, practice questions, VR flashcards, and MicroVirtual Simulations
  • Encouraging active learning activities that cater to a myriad of learning styles

Using curriculum best practices, Kaplan ensures that learners maximize their preparation time.

NCLEX and FNP Exam Test Prep Courses

If you’re looking to pass your upcoming NCLEX or FNP boards, here’s what studying with Kaplan looks like: 


  • Multiple test prep course options at various price points
  • Question banks with thousands of questions
  • Three full-length, realistic, Computer Adaptive Tests (CAT)
  • 24/7 access to content review sessions in the Kaplan NCLEX Channel
  • And more

FNP Exam:

  • MicroVirtual simulations
  • Full-length practice exams
  • Question bank with over 500 questions
  • Virtual reality flashcards
  • And more

What to Expect on Exam Day With Kaplan

Completing the course and feeling prepared is necessary, but Kaplan’s strength lies in how you’ll feel on the day of your exam. 

Doherty shares that Kaplan-prepared nurses feel:

  • Confident. A Kaplan-prepared nurse should feel confident and ready when taking their exams. This is because the Kaplan nursing preparation course is comprehensive and designed to equip nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their exams, Doherty explains. 
  • Practiced. Kaplan places a heavy emphasis on practice. Doherty says, “We provide practice tests and questions that replicate the exact test-day experience for learners and allow them to apply the strategies they have learned. This approach helps them become familiar with the exam pattern, improves their timing, and boosts their confidence.”
  • Optimistic. With Kaplan’s 97% pass rate for the NCLEX, you know the odds are in your favor. Additionally, Kaplan has a money-back guarantee if you don’t pass your exam on the first try. Kaplan stands by their offer because they have the market’s top nursing exam preparation product. Kaplan is just as optimistic about your test success as you should be. 

Exclusive Test Prep Offer!

For over 40 years, Kaplan Nursing has been a pioneer in expanding educational access and transforming learning through new technologies. Kaplan has the expertise, passion, and continuous innovation to help you achieve your academic and career goals.

Join the countless other nurses and make Kaplan part of your nursing journey. To prepare with the most recommended NCLEX test prep product with a great deal, use the promo code TNB20 to get 20% off your FNP prep from May 16th to May 30th. 

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