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5 Things to Know About BCEN’s 2024 Conference

Emergency nurses take note! The BCEN conference is approaching quickly! Sign up today for this unique and informative gathering in Chicago!

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Some things only nurses understand. 

Like wanting to socialize with your coworkers at the nurse’s station but saying, “I need to chart!” Or when those same nurses rescue you when you get held up with a chatty patient or when they come running when you call for help. 

That feeling of the nursing community – that sometimes isn’t possible to fully embrace at work due to the goings-on in a busy ER – is a unique connection you can enjoy at a nursing conference like the BCEN 2024 Live Conference. The BCEN 2024 Live Conference will be held from May 5th to May 7th in Chicago, IL. 

1. Who is BCEN?

The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN®) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that develops and delivers certification programs for emergency, transport, burn and trauma nurses.

BCEN offers six certifications:

  • Certified emergency nurse (CEN)
  • Certified flight registered nurse (CFRN)
  • Certified pediatric emergency nurse (CPEN)
  • Certified transport registered nurse (CTRN)
  • Trauma-certified registered nurse (TCRN)
  • Certified burn registered nurse (CBRN)

BCEN’s vision is for every patient in the emergency care setting to receive care from a BCEN-certified nurse because BCEN values high-quality care that improves patient care, safety, and outcomes. BCEN believes that every nurse can benefit from professional certification, which can provide a sense of confidence, pride and achievement in your practice. 

2. What is the 2024 BCEN Live Conference?

What is the BCEN conference?

If you want the opportunity to connect with fellow emergency room nurses while earning CEs, expanding your clinical knowledge, and feeling empowered, then this conference is for you. 

Here’s just the beginning of what’s in store:

  • The ability to earn 14 CEs in exciting clinical sessions.
  • Opportunities to network with other nurses.
  • A spectacular lineup of subject matter experts offering fast-paced, interactive TED-talk-style presentations.
  • High-quality educational sessions.
  • A change of pace from your usual work while still expanding your skills and knowledge

3. How Will the BCEN Conference Benefit Your Career?

The BCEN conference isn’t only about what you’ll experience while you’re there. You’ll continue to repeat the benefits as you implement what you learned into your everyday practice. 

By attending the BCEN conference, you’ll:

  • Show your initiative in staying up to date on evidence-based practice in your specialty
  • Have a resume builder if you are looking to advance your career
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your current work environment
  • Secure the opportunity to learn the material in an interactive, collaborative environment

After the BCEN conference, you will feel refreshed, equipped to take on challenges you may face in the workplace, and confident in your patient care. 

“In 20 years of nursing, I have been to many conferences. I can say without a doubt that I take pearls from every single speaker at the BCEN Learn Live Conferences, and I cannot say that for other conferences I have attended.”

4. Why Live Learning?

Doing your CEs at 2 AM at the old computer in the corner of the nurse’s station isn’t nearly as fulfilling as getting them done in a lively, upbeat setting. Choose to learn in real time with our country’s top emergency nursing subject matter experts.

Attending a conference can help you digest information by:

  • Receiving immediate feedback, clarification, and answers to questions
  • Being physically present, which limits distractions
  • Experiencing dynamic environments, like hands-on activities and group discussions
  • Providing networking opportunities to learn from others’ experiences in your field

5. What Will You Gain from the Conference?

Abigail I Finetti, BSN, RN, CEN, CPEN, TCRN, a BCEN member from Lakeview, Oregon, attended the BCEN conference last year. 

There are many nursing conferences to choose from. Was the BCEN conference actually worth it?

Finetti says, “In 20 years of nursing, I have been to many conferences. I can say without a doubt that I take pearls from every single speaker at the BCEN Learn Live Conferences, and I cannot say that for other conferences I have attended.”

Despite living in a rural part of Oregon, four hours from the nearest airport, she confirmed the conference was well worth its associated travel logistics. 

Finetti explains, “I think nurses who are certified or on their path to certification have a similar professional character, and a BCEN Conference is where you can celebrate that with nurses from around the country who feel the same way.” She adds that the BCEN team creates an atmosphere that fills your cup, giving you motivation and inspiration to continue to enjoy staying in the nursing profession. 

Don’t Miss Out!

Finetti shares, “I was blown away by the variety of topics and speakers. The organization of the conference is designed in such a thoughtful way that it holds attention, is interactive, and is incredibly diverse - basically, everything an emergency room nurse needs!” 

Register for the BCEN conference now. It will take place from May 5th to May 7th in Chicago, IL. Don’t miss out on getting what you need this year to be a better emergency nurse.

And don’t forget to decorate your ER break room with this BCEN flyer with all the conference details!

This article is sponsored by BCEN.

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