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4 Secrets to Successfully Expand Your Med Spa Business

In the med spa industry, client experience is everything.

The med spa industry is set to grow from $16.69 billion in 2023 to $19.04 billion in 2024.

With rising popularity in aesthetic treatments like facial injectables, medical grade facials, and laser hair or tattoo removal, now may be exactly the right time to start or expand your med spa business.

A med spa isn’t a simple day spa where you get a mud mask and massage. It’s where you can get a variety of nonsurgical aesthetic medical treatments overseen by a physician. Clients come to a med spa not just for medical services but for an experience that leaves them feeling more confident in themselves and well cared for by professional clinicians. How clients feel during and after their visit will determine whether or not they become loyal customers to the spa.

Long-time business owner Matt Russo and two members of his team, Joann and Stephanie Sapp, at InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal, take pride in the experience they provide their clients. They agree that improving your client’s experience and expanding your med spa business isn’t about your clinic’s physical aesthetics and decor; it’s about the people themselves and the quality of care you and your team provide.

“There are more important things than what color wallpaper you have or what color the paint is,” Russo explains. “That $300 chair to decorate your office isn’t going to bring people in the door either,” adds JoAnn Sapp, the Vice-President of Operations with InkAway Laser Tattoo Removal.

“It’s about how we can help and who we get to help, and because we see the same people come through for the extent of their tattoo removal treatment, we get to build relationships with them,” states InkAway’s Lead Laser Technician, Stephanie Sapp.

Agreeing, Russo further explains, “These people are such fun to be around. They’re a riot. They’re high-energy and fun-loving. Every person coming to get treatment at InkAway has a story. Every tattoo has a story.”

Nodding, Stephanie Sapp exclaims, “The people we care for really become family!”

Even meeting InkAway’s team felt like meeting up with family you haven’t seen in a while for a holiday dinner; it’s obvious they truly put their hearts into their business in every interaction.

When asked how they’ve elevated their client experience and successfully expanded their business, InkAway’s team summarizes four secrets to expanding a med spa’s services and achieving growth and profitability in the med spa industry.

Research Customer Demand in Your Area

Look for gaps in the market and consider the services in high demand that have yet to be offered by your med spa or other med spas in your area. You can create a roadmap to expand your med spa business by identifying these gaps. For example, the global market for aesthetic lasers is expected to reach $2.7 billion by 2027, giving med spa owners and nurses an entrepreneurial edge to build and grow a profitable med spa business.

Adding aesthetic lasers to your med spa, can expand your services to include laser hair removal, skin resurfacing treatments, laser tattoo removal, and more. With laser hair removal being one of the most commonly sought-after aesthetic procedures, you can attract a new segment of clients looking for a safe and effective long-term hair removal option.

As people become more concerned about signs of aging, they may seek non-invasive solutions to improve their skin’s texture and appearance. By offering laser skin resurfacing treatments, you can address their concerns and provide them with visible results.

Up to 50% of tattooed Americans have tattoo regret and by offering laser tattoo removal at your med spa, you can provide a needed service in your area and help your clients achieve the fresh start they’ve been looking for.

Invest in Astanza’s Industry-Leading Laser Technology

When InkAway’s owner, Matt Russo, began researching aesthetic lasers, he returned to Astanza for their industry-leading laser technology and fantastic support system.

Russo explains, “Astanza felt like a great family-operated business. I could tell that once the sale of equipment was made they were going to stand by us and be with us as a team. You don’t get that feeling when you just buy any old piece of aesthetic machinery. Other businesses just want to make the sale, and then you never hear from the company or the salesperson again. But with Astanza, we have never had that issue. I actually have them on speed dial.”

Astanza has an extensive aesthetic laser product line that could help you expand your med spa services. Astanza’s world-renowned laser technology allows for precise and controlled treatments, ensuring high quality and optimal outcomes for your clients.

Furthermore, Astanza provides you with training and clinical support for your aesthetic laser, including access to a comprehensive clinical resource library, video consultations with Astanza biomedical engineers, complimentary training at New Look Laser College, and their 3-Business Day Service Guarantee.

“Every person coming to get treatment at InkAway has a story. Every tattoo has a story.”

Invest in Continued Education

The nursing industry continues to evolve, and continued education makes that possible. A recent survey with The Nursing Beat and connectRN shows that 34% of nurses are in pursuit of new skills or education, and 80% have ambitions to start their own businesses.

Investing in continued education in aesthetics lasers is perfect for expanding your nursing skills and med spa business. Astanza, a provider of laser technology, offers training programs for nurses and aesthetic professionals to ensure they are proficient in operating their lasers. These programs cover topics such as laser safety, treatment protocols, and best practices for optimal results.

By continuing your education and elevating your med spa services, you create a team of experts who can provide unparalleled client experiences. Even Stephanie Sapp, an experienced laser technician, is constantly learning and developing her skills to provide the best care possible to her clients at InkAway.

“You know you’re doing something right when people are traveling across state lines to be treated specifically by Stephanie, our lead laser technician,” Russo proudly explains.

Invest in Great Marketing

One of InkAway’s most significant takeaways from their years in the aesthetics industry is that a successful med spa business requires excellent marketing and sales skills. One of the many benefits of purchasing an Astanza laser is receiving all the marketing and clinical support you need with the Astanza Experience and their Business Builder System.  

The Business Builder System is a comprehensive package designed to help new business owners launch their med spa business with ease. The package comes with a kick-off call with Astanza’s team, who will help you setup and manage your website on your desired digital platform. You’ll also receive digital advertising campaigns and marketing materials that are specific to the device you purchased.

Astanza offers the most comprehensive warranty in the industry and a 3-Business Day Service Guarantee on all of its lasers, ensuring that your lasers are well protected and your business runs smoothly without any hiccups. They even provide lifetime training in the aesthetic laser industry, giving you the knowledge and expertise required to run a successful business even as the laser technology evolves.

Expand Your Med Spa Business and Positively Impact More Lives

Continuing your education with Astanza’s New Look Laser College or expanding your med spa services with Astanza’s laser technology will give your clients an experience they won’t find anywhere else.

With Astanza’s industry-leading laser technology and support, you have the tools to provide cutting-edge treatments that deliver exceptional results and positively impact even more lives.

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