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Ten Things Nursing School Didn’t Teach Me That Would Have Helped Me Combat Burnout Early On

You are not alone.

  1. Boundaries will be your BFF and are essential for burnout prevention and preserving your mental health. You are capable of so much, but you have limits. Don’t operate beyond them.
  2. It’s okay to use your voice and advocate for yourself.
  3. Burnout is not a rite of passage. Burnout is a normal response to abnormal working conditions. It’s okay to save yourself if you need to. You are never stuck. 
  4. Knowing your core values is essential in taking action in life and career! What are yours, and are you living your life in alignment with them?
  5. You can be a great nurse/NP and still put yourself first (in fact, spoiler alert…we can show up better for others when we show up for ourselves). Have a life outside of work!
  6. Choosing a job based on your desires is okay, not the “shoulds” or what other people think. You have so many options!
  7. Failure is feedback, and celebrating your wins is essential in boosting confidence, getting clarity, and avoiding imposter syndrome.
  8. A solid going-home reflection or ritual will allow you to cut the cord and live a fulfilling life outside of work (you are so much more than a nurse!)
  9. You will make mistakes. You are human. Self-forgiveness is key! Be kind to yourself.
  10. Try not to compare your day 1 to someone else’s day 100. Aim for 1% better each day, and the rest is a bonus. You had had many day 1s before and survived. You’ve got this! 

For more such information, you can check out Diana, Self-Care Catalyst.

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