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10 Nurse Practitioners and Advanced Practice Nurses to Cheer On in 2024

If you want to amplify your newsfeed next year with educated and innovative nurses, here are our top picks of nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses.

People say nurses eat their young. But when your feed is full of intelligent, cooperative, and generous nurses, the nursing profession feels like a close-knit and supportive community where experienced professionals uplift and inspire the next generation. 

According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, nearly one in five nurses held a master’s degree in 2022, and almost 3% had a doctorate as their highest educational preparation.

If you want to amplify your newsfeed next year with educated and innovative nurses, here are our top picks of nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses. This selection of nurses is a diverse mix of nurse inventors, entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and medical providers.

1. Alice Benjamin, MSN, FNP-C, ACNS-BC, CCRN, CEN. CV-BC

Dr. Benjamin, also known as Nurse Alice or America’s Favorite Nurse, is an ER nurse practitioner. She brings her expertise in nursing to her roles as a TV medical contributor, radio personality, and podcast host. She is a dedicated advocate for community health and was also the first Black nurse to serve on the American Nurses Association/California board of directors.

Where to follow:

LinkedIn: Alice B.

Website: Ask Nurse Alice

Instagram: @asknursealice

Podcast: Ask Nurse Alice

2. Rhone D'Errico, DNP, MBA, APRN, FNP-BC

Dr. D’Errico is a psychiatric nurse practitioner and professional speaker. Most recently, he has become an expert in nursing education and leadership. He is active on LinkedIn and aims to help nurses create the careers of their dreams. 

Where to follow: 


Twitter: @rhonederrico

3. Pritma Dhillon-Chattha, DNP MHA RN

Dr. Dhillon-Chattha has a background in a diverse range of nursing specialties. She co-founded Lavender, the largest online psychiatry and therapy office founded by nurses. Lavender’s mission is to improve access to mental healthcare, and the company received the 2021 ANA Innovation Award. 

Where to follow:

LinkedIn: Pritma Dhillon-Chattha, DNP MHA RN

Instagram: @pritma

Website: Lavender Psychiatry 

4. Skyler Jacobs, CNM

Jacobs is a practicing certified nurse midwife who provides educational content and infographics on pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care on social media. Her account features a wealth of information you can use if you’re going through pregnancy or want to brush up on concise ways to teach maternal health concepts to patients. 

Where to follow:

Instagram: @Wellandworthyco

TikTok: @Wellandworthyco

Website: Well and Worthy Co.

5. Shanina C. Knighton, Ph.D., RN, CIC

Dr. Knighton is a nurse scientist, infection preventionist, and an innovator. She is currently a research associate professor at the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing and a professor in biomedical engineering. Her research and current work focus on improving hand hygiene practices. 

Right now, she is most excited to work on a hand hygiene technology to improve patient hand hygiene. “As nurses, typically, when things are used in healthcare settings, we rarely have a say in how devices are developed. I am teaching nurses how to have a seat at the table, if not be at the head of the table,” She says. Knighton wants to help other nurses understand what goes into the processes that help patients and solve pressing global health issues.

Where to follow: 

Instagram: @heydrnina_

LinkedIn: Shanina C Knighton PhD, RN, CIC

6. Tara Kosmas, MSN, RN, NC-BC, CHSE, SOAR

Kosmas is the founder and executive director of Debriefing the Front Lines, a company dedicated to frontline health professionals’ mental health and well-being. The mission of Debriefing the Front Lines is to provide mental health access and continuing education for nurses and other healthcare workers. In particular, they provide debriefing sessions for healthcare workers who have experienced work-related trauma and stress and provide them with ongoing support.

Where to follow:

LinkedIn: Tara Kosmas, MSN, RN, NC-BC, CHSE, SOAR

Website: Debriefing the Front Lines

Instagram: @kosmicgarden

7. Nurse Liz, MSN

Nurse Liz is a charismatic family nurse practitioner with a strong social media presence. Her content is for patients wanting to learn more about primary care conditions and nurses and NPs who wish to keep up with healthcare news and trends. She covers everything from her least favorite healthcare laws to debunking TikTok health advice.

Where to follow:

Website: I’m Nurse Liz

Instagram: @im.nurse.liz

TikTok: @im.nurse.liz

Youtube: @NurseLiz

LinkedIn: Liz (Nurse Liz) Russ

8. Rebecca Love, RN, MSN, FIEL

Love is a nurse innovator and entrepreneur with several business ventures. She was the first nurse to give a TEDx talk. Love is the creator of the Nurse Hackathon, a weekend event where nurses collaborate to discuss and solve health problems with their peers. She is the founder, president emeritus, and immediate past president of SONSIEL (Society of Nurses Scientists, Innovators, Entrepreneurs & Leaders). She is currently the chief clinical officer of IntelyCare. Love regularly posts on LinkedIn about nursing innovation news and is active on LinkedIn and posts content about nursing news and events.

Where to follow:

LinkedIn: Rebecca Love RN, MSN, FIEL

Instagram: @Intelycare   

Website: IntelyCare

9. Monica McLemore, RN, MPH, PhD

Dr. McLemore is the University of Washington’s professor and interim equity, diversity, and inclusion associate dean. Her work is dedicated to reproductive justice and addressing healthcare disparities. She is active on LinkedIn and is regularly featured in top media publications for her expertise in healthcare equity.

Where to follow: 


Instagram: @mclemoremr

10. James Simmons DNP, AG/ACNP

Dr. Simmons is an acute care nurse practitioner. He is also an established advocate for LGBTQ+ and Black communities. His social media content focuses on quick tips and debunking common health myths. He’s been featured by nearly every major news outlet, as he has a talent for breaking down medical information and relaying it in a dynamic and entertaining way. 

Where to follow: 

LinkedIn: Dr. James Simmons

Website: Ask the NP

Instagram: @askthenp

TikTok: @askthenp_

With so many specialties and personalities, there’s a corner of nurse social media for everyone. These nurses provide a mix of innovation, education, humor, and solidarity. If you found one of these nurses inspiring or relatable, see what they’re up to and cheer them on in 2024. The nursing profession could use some of your positivity and support. 

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